Enter The Unknown

Mamba Mentality: Donovan Mitchell

Kobe Bryant famously said, “If you see me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear. That’s Mamba Mentality.” That is an astonishing quote seeing that is how Kobe viewed every single game, he wasn’t out there for his team to win, he was out there to try to embarrass the guy guarding … Continue reading Mamba Mentality: Donovan Mitchell


New Era of Big 3

Get ready, we are about to have a major power shift in the NBA and the King is going to decide who is going to be playing for next year's championship. Before we get to the Free Agency that has the opportunity to be wild this summer, let’s look at the definites of next season … Continue reading New Era of Big 3

Game Three Off Guard

Why the national media is allowing the Cavs to get away with this and just blaming it on playoff experience is bizarre. Why is JR Smith getting countless opportunities to be terrible and playing massive minutes continuously for a Cavs team that is two losses away from their 3rd finals loss in their 4th straight … Continue reading Game Three Off Guard


Agony, the most painful emotion and one that is felt so often in these playoffs, but for the Toronto Raptors the agony they felt last night was a different one. They had 5 opportunities to win that game vs the Cavs. Five! A Fred Vanvleet three pointer which bricked, a Demar Derozan fading 10 footer … Continue reading AGONY