Mamba Mentality: Donovan Mitchell

Kobe Bryant famously said, “If you see me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear. That’s Mamba Mentality.”

That is an astonishing quote seeing that is how Kobe viewed every single game, he wasn’t out there for his team to win, he was out there to try to embarrass the guy guarding him for the whole entire game. He took personal pleasure in dribbling at a double team hard then clutching the ball fast and falling into a sweet fadeaway. He didn’t care he was 24 feet from the basket or if he was going against a 7 footer. Just when you had the fader figured out he would fake up, plant his foot and drive to the rim as if it was the last safe spot on Earth. Time after time he came through. But that’s all in the past now, Kobe has since retired and the game has moved forward without a Mamba. But there might just be a snake in Utah, in the form of Donovan Mitchell. The 21 year old out of Louisville, who averaged 20/4/4 as a rookie and helped lead the Jazz into the second round of the Western Conference Playoffs. But he is so willing to get a bucket at any time which reminds me of Kobe so much, he just wants the ball at all times. So I looked at some analytics to see what we may be having the pleasure to watch in the future. If the Player Efficiency goes up there is an honest comparison…

Kobe Bryant 05’-06’ 28.11 PER  .559 TS% 35.3 Usage

      Mitchell 17’-18’ 16.74 PER  .541 TS% 27.9 Usage

Still a skeptic then just look up what he did vs the Thunder in Game 6… 38 Points! With 22 in the Third Quarter. He is a future NBA scoring leader, he is that good. He is the next Mamba.


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