Game Three Off Guard

Why the national media is allowing the Cavs to get away with this and just blaming it on playoff experience is bizarre. Why is JR Smith getting countless opportunities to be terrible and playing massive minutes continuously for a Cavs team that is two losses away from their 3rd finals loss in their 4th straight appearance. It is the most bizzare thing I have ever seen, it is almost accepting defeat at a whole entire position.

I understand that not a single player the Cavs throw out there at the off guard is going to be able to compete with Klay Thompson. He is honestly a top five NBA player who is stuck on such a talented team that it makes him go under the radar at times. Thompson is the best two guard in the whole entire league, just look at that Western Conference Finals. He shot 49% from deep on a whopping 55 attempts, that’s amazing. Harden shot 24% from deep. Try telling me Thompson isn’t the difference in that series, try telling me head to head that Harden is a better player, Thompson just doesn’t get the opportunities that Harden gets every game.

Back to the Cavs strategy at the off guard, the most important position off of Lebron. The Cavs need to be able to hit three pointers and currently Korver and Smith have combined for a depressing 19 points in games one and two. Smith has a plus/minus of -31, meaning the Cavs have been outscored by 31 points when he is on the court. Why is he playing if he can’t hit a shot? It is the most bizarre thing right now. The Cavs seem reluctant to admit they have two promising 25 year olds buried on the bench right now, the Cavs need to try something new. Jordan Clarkson averaged 13 points during the regular season and Rodney Hood averaged 11 points, and for a while they were playing ahead of Smith and having success. But as soon as the lights got brighter the two players shied away and lost their confidence. The Cavs gave up on them playing and they are a shell of what they were only a month and a half ago. If I was the Cavs I would spend the next 48 hours just focusing on the two 25 year olds, try to get them confident and try something new. Give them the narrative that they could be heroes in Cleveland if they both hit just three 3-pointers each. The Cavs seem content to just go down with the sinking ship, it doesn’t make sense. I need to see two new off guards in game 3 or I know the game will already be over.


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